Applied Maths

Idas for Teachers

Applied Maths i one of the most marvellous subjects to teach. If you teach Maths to Leaving Cert Higher Level – and if you understand physics – you’ll be able to teach it.

The secret of teaching Applied Maths is not to teach too much. Lead your students through the basic principles and then let them at it! There are plenty of problems to be solved.

Another important thing is not to make the problems too hard during 5th Year. The students need to get used to solving reasonable questions. I wouldn’t introduce Leaving cert papers until after Christmas in 6th Year.

Most teachers teach questions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, & 10. If another is thrown in for good measure, I’d go for Q8: Moments of Inertia. But beware! The examiner may throw in a half-question “out of topic” (for example, 2015 Q6 involved hydrostatics as well as SHM).

Applied Maths Papers

Leaving Cert Applied Mathematics - Higher Level Papers
and Answers from 1994 to 2021. If you are interested
in purchasing these papers, please contact Oliver Murphy
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Papers cost €10 and all donations will be used to support
students at school in Ambo, Ethiopia and the SVP in Ireland.