Applied Maths

Ideas for Teachers

You can view and download the full teacher's guide here: Fundamental Applied Maths - Teacher's Guide

Teaching tips

Applied Maths is one of the most marvellous subjects to teach. If you teach Maths to Leaving Cert Higher Level – and if you understand physics – you’ll be able to teach it (although the Teaching Council might have something to say …).

The secret of teaching Applied Maths is not to teach too much. Lead your students through the basic principles and then let them at it! There are plenty of problems to be solved.

Another important thing is not to make the problems too hard during 5th Year. The students need to get used to solving reasonable questions. Concentrate on the exam only in the last 6 months.

In 2021 a new syllabus was introduced.  It is a wonderful blend of traditional mechanics and cool new stuff such as Difference Equations, Networks & Graphs and Optimal Paths.  The Third Edition of Oliver Murphy’s best-selling textbook ‘Fundamental Applied Maths’ covers the new material thoroughly and clearly.

Students will have to submit a Project as part of the new course.  It carries 20% of the marks.  The exam will carry the remaining 80%.  In the new exam, students will to do ALL questions.  This means that teachers will have to cover all of the course.  

If you go onto (NOT folensonline or folensHIVE) and type in the words ‘Applied Maths’, you will find resources for the new syllabus:
  • A teachers’ guide to the new course (what’s new and what’s gone, how long to spend on each topic, what is on the Ordinary Level, teaching tips, etc).
  • Seven Youtube lessons by Oliver Murphy on the seven most important new items on the course
  • Posters for you to print off and display in your classroom
  • An electronic copy of the book
  • Solutions to all questions

Uniform Acceleration Slides

Sample Applied Maths Papers

A Booklet with five sample Higher Level Applied Maths papers for the new course is now available. It contains five sample papers (including the SEC sample paper and 2023 exam), as well as the answers (but not solutions) to these, and five sample projects. All of the papers have ten questions, of which students will have to do eight. The format used is the new format, with space for students to write their solutions. The template for each project uses the SEC sample template, also. The Booklet is approximately 180 pages long.

The Booklets cost €5 each to cover printing and postage (with a free copy for teachers). If you wish to order booklets, email Oliver Murphy at [email protected] and they will be posted to you. The best way to pay is by Revolut. The Revtag is @ollymurphy. Any profits which may arise from the sale of these booklets will be given "Embrace Badjao" which builds and supports schools for the marginalised Badjao community in the Philippines.