Senior Cycle - Higher Level

Tips for Students

Higher Level Maths gets 25 extra points. These will be very valuable for most students. It’s worth working hard to stay with Higher Level – so long as you’re not out of your depth.

Higher Maths can be accomplished by hard work, determination and diligence – you don’t have to Albert Einstein.

You will use Maths every day for the rest of your life. Maths is wonderful. Maths is useful.

Maths makes sense. It can be challenging. But just because it can be hard doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t love it! Try to rise to the challenges that the course turns up for you.

When you are solving a problem which you are finding difficult, read it over and over. Try to sieve from the information: what are they telling me and what do they want me to work out?

Stick with the difficult questions in your homework. If necessary, consult: ask the brainbox in the family, ask your friends – but don’t go into school the next day, saying, “That question was too hard for me.”