Applied Maths

Tips for Students

Applied Maths is a fantastic subject. It goes very well hand-in-hand with Project Maths, because it’s all about problem-solving.

Applied Maths is not just for the Leaving Cert, it is for life. If you do take on this wonderful subject, you will pick up skills that will help you in later life, whether you study business, medicine, engineering, law, Maths or whatever. Nowadays, Applied maths graduates are snapped up by the banks and investment companies, because Applied Maths students have the skills that these companies require: to solve complex problems using mathematics as the tool.

Many students study Applied Maths outside the timetable. Some study it on their own without help. It can be done. Go for it!

The textbook Fundamental Applied Mathematics is (by a long way) the best-selling Applied Maths book in Ireland. It has plenty of well-graded exercises to suit all students. It explains the concepts in simple terms, making this subject reasonably accessible.

If you got Higher Level Maths for the Junior Cert and if you like solving problems then this is the subject for you. You don’t have to be an Albert Einstein to do it. It is challenging, but the course is reasonably short and you don’t have to cover 100% of the syllabus: 6 or 7 topics is enough.

The topics at Higher Level are: Accelerated linear motion, Projectiles, Relative Velocity, Connected Particles, Collisions, Statics, Circular and Simple Harmonic Motion, Moments of Inertia, Hydrostatics, Differential Equations.

There is detailed information on each of these topics on the website. Click on the link and you’ll get plenty of information on the course.

The topics at Ordinary Level are: Accelerated linear motion, Projectiles, Relative Velocity, Connected Particles, Collisions, Centres of Gravity, Statics, Circular Motion, Hydrostatics

In the exam there is usually one question on each topic. You have to answer 6. Hence if you’ve studied just 7 topics you are safe – and you have a topic to spare in case one question is horrible.

If you visit the website and click on Examination Material Archive, you will have access to past papers and also to (rather skimpy) solutions – as well as the marking scheme. I would not worry about these papers until after Christmas in 6th Year – they might put you off! Instead, work at the basics in 5th year and master the main elements of the course. Then it’ll all come together in 6th year.

The Irish Applied Maths Teachers’ Association awards three Gold Medals (with a bursary of €500 towards university education) to the three top students each year in the Leaving Cert Applied maths exam. The prizes are kindly sponsored by the Ray Kearns Benevolent Fund and the Institute of Education.

Applied Maths Papers

Leaving Cert Applied Mathematics - Higher Level Papers and Answers from 1994 to 2021. If you are interested in purchasing these papers, please contact Oliver Murphy via email: [email protected] or by using the contact form at the bottom of this page. Papers cost €10 and all donations will be used to support students at school in Ambo, Ethiopia and the SVP in Ireland.