Junior Cycle - Higher Level

Advice for Parents

It is an established fact that 2nd year is the most formative in education. It is often the year in which schoolchildren decide whether to be a real student or an also-ran; whether to be a smoker or a non-smoker; whether to be a sportsman or a watcher of sports on Sky; whether be led by the peer group or by parents and teachers (and themselves!).

Being a parent (as every parent knows) is like walking a tightrope. Am I too strict or too lenient? Am I too interfering or too laissez faire? Do I do too much for them or not enough? As far as Maths is concerned, the best thing to do is to be an encouraging cheerleader. Show an interest in their successes, in results of test, in projects, in homework. They like to know that you are interested.

It is important for your child to stay doing Higher Level Maths – if they can. They get 25 extra points if they can pass Higher Level Leaving Cert Maths: something worth planning for! But if your child is unable to do Higher Level material, then you will be only making them hate Maths if you try to make them keep it up. Students learn best when they are comfortable and achieving – as well as a little challenged. They don’t learn when they are lost and bewildered.

The best way for your child to revise is by DOING maths – not reading Maths. The student should practise by doing the revision exercises at the end of the relevant chapters. Help them (if you can!) when they get stuck. If you can’t – see if you can find someone who can.