Applied Maths

Advice for Parents

        Parents often ask me, “What is Applied maths?” It is a subject which you can study for the Leaving Cert but not the Junior Cert. It consists of problems – mostly from mechanics (a branch of physics).

        Applied Maths is a wonderful subject which gives students the skill of problem-solving, using maths as the only tool. The skills which this gives to students are useful for life – no matter what they study or work at later (engineering, architecture, medicine, maths, science, law, arts – whatever!).

        Applied Maths is for life – not just for the Leaving Cert. It goes very well alongside Maths, because it’s all about problem-solving (which is a key part of Leaving Cert Maths).

        Parents sometimes ask me, “My son/daughter is doing Maths and Physics – could (s)he sit the Applied Maths exam?” The answer is “No, not unless (s)he prepares for Applied Maths also.” The reason is that Physics requires experiments and only a little Maths. Applied Maths requires thinking, understanding of concepts, no experiments and a lot of maths. The approach is very different: the mathematics gets much deeper and more tricky in Applied Maths, and the student has to practise for this.

        In 2021 a new Applied Maths syllabus was introduced, fit for the 21st century.  It is a wonderful mix of traditional mechanics, such as Newton’s Laws of Motion, and cool new stuff on Networks and Graphs which involves algorithms and thinking very like the thinking involved in coding.  If your child likes coding, they’ll like the new course.

The Third Edition of Oliver Murphy’s best-selling textbook ‘Fundamental Applied Maths’ covers the new course thoroughly.  It is used in almost 100% of schools, as well as by students who study Applied Maths outside the timetable or on their own.

Students will have to submit a Project as part of the new course.  It carries 20% of the marks.  The exam will carry the remaining 80%.  In the new exam, students will to do ALL questions.  This means that students will have to cover all the course. 

Applied Maths Papers

Leaving Cert Applied Mathematics - Higher Level Papers and Answers from 1999 to 2021. If you are interested in purchasing these papers, please contact Oliver Murphy via email: [email protected] or by using the contact form at the bottom of this page. Papers cost €10 and all donations will be used to support students at school in Ambo, Ethiopia and the SVP in Ireland.