Applied Maths

Advice for Parents

Parents often ask me, “What is Applied maths?” It is a subject which you can study for the Leaving Cert but not the Junior Cert. It consists of problems – mostly from mechanics (a branch of physics).

Applied Maths is a wonderful subject which gives students the skill of problem solving, using maths as the only tool. The skills which this gives to students are useful for life – no matter what they study or work at later (engineering, architecture, medicine, maths, science, law, arts – whatever!).

Applied Maths is for life – not just for the Leaving Cert. It goes very well alongside Project Maths, because it’s all about problem-solving.

Parents sometimes ask me, “My son/daughter is doing Maths and Physics – could (s)he sit the Applied Maths exam?” The answer is “No, not unless (s)he prepares for Applied Maths also.” The reason is that Physics requires experiments and only a little Maths. Applied Maths requires thinking, understanding of concepts, no experiments and a lot of maths. The approach is very different: the mathematics gets much deeper and more tricky in Applied Maths and the student has to practise for this.

Applied Maths Papers

Leaving Cert Applied Mathematics - Higher Level Papers and Answers from 1994 to 2016. If you are interested in purchasing these papers, please contact Oliver Murphy via email: [email protected] or by using the contact form at the bottom of this page. Papers cost €10 and all donations will be used to support students at school in Ambo, Ethiopia and the SVP in Ireland.